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Posted: 1 year ago on 09/10/13 at 1:40am

Tony asked McGee: Where were you last night? (what did you do last night) 

Yes, where was McGee? The ‘realization’ moment on McGee’s face that moment (well acted, Sean), told us what’s next. 

McGee was supposed to head down to Abby’s lab anyway, but the moment Tony asked the question, McGee realized he’s going down there, because…

Last night McGee was at a STERILE PUPPETS concert (Abby plays their song at the lab, with drum stick -  a air drum solo, when McGee enters. And they have a little talk about McGee’s lost badge/Id and the concert last night) 

No matter if this is just random McAbby outside-work hanging out together (who else was at the concert with them?) or something else… I love it! 

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