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Posted: 1 year ago on 07/5/13 at 6:56pm

Tonight at 8pm ET& 8pm PT 

The writers of #NCIS episode 10x23 Double Blind 

Chris Waild & Steve Binder will be live tweeting during the time the episode airs. Wild during the East Coast airing & Binder during the West Coast airing. Join them, and  ask them stuff…and maybe you’ll get lucky and get a reply/response! 

PS. It’s is currently (in a few minutes) 7PM in London, 2PM in US East Coast & 11AM in West Coast.  

I’m currently unsure about the next weeks, Tue May 14th season 10 finale “Damned if You Do” live-tweet event thing with Pauley Perrette,  Brian Dietzen & Michael Weatherly. There’s information about it on the NCIS FB page, but no word about it on the CBS (connect/events) own page… let’s wait and see… 

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