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Posted: 1 year ago on 09/4/13 at 10:55pm
NCIS livestream links [CBS]


TVPC Channel 8449  CBS East 

TVPC Channel 21550  CBS (general) 

TVPC Channel16246  CBS East HD 


USTVnow [requires registration?] Thanks to stinson-scherbatsky



Please re-blog, and feel free to add your sources. Let’s help each other out , dear non-american viewers, who wish to watch live!

PS. I’m in EUROPE and… 

I usually use this channel to watch: TVPC Channel 8449  CBS East 

If that doesn’t work, I check the others. Usually   works then 

Or recently I used this link  one week when others didn’t work.

PS. None are working for me tonight. sorry if it’s the same for you.

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