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Posted: 8 months ago on 18/1/14 at 6:45pm
  1. It is OK and normal to love a TV series* if/when others don’t like it [anymore] 
  2. It is OK and normal to dislike a TV series*  if/when other love it [still] 

It is OK to walk away from a  TV show you don’t enjoy anymore. And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. It is also OK to express your feelings and thoughts about your love or hate about a TV show [fictional story]. As long as it’s expressing your views and thoughts and not just mindless name calling and nothing else.

If you love a TV show [or anything else], you are free to express your feelings on the topic. If you hate a TV show [or anything else] you are free to express your thoughts on the subject. In both cases it’s ok to do, and no one should make you feel or think that you’re not supposed to be  happy about the shows direction anymore OR unhappy about the shows direction from one point. You get to have your own opinions, thoughts, and feelings. And everyone should be able to share these thoughts freely.

No positive post about a TV show and loving it’s current story is meant to say “everyone must love it just like I do”. No negative post about a TV show and disliking the path it’s chosen is meant to say “others can’t enjoy and like the story either”. People shouldn’t take other peoples opinions as meant to “speak to them”. It’s all just opinions…views. [except the few posts that are just simple bashing] 

So if you still love in  this example NCIS, then feel free to continue enjoying the show and posting your happy thoughts about how you see the good things. If you don’t love NCIS anymore [yes, even if it’s cause that one character is gone, not because of other reasons] then feel free to say so. Cause people who say that nothing besides praise is allowed, are not correct. Art, also a medium like TV is something that is viewed and understood differently by different people and no one saying how they think the show is not good anymore is bringing others down. Just like no one saying the show is in their opinion still great is trying to make others feel bad/guilty for not liking the direction/show anymore. Only thing not ok is saying people are hateful or bad if they still like the show/don’t like the show anymore, and/or blaming others like cast for changes that are not theirs. But being not ok with the quality of writing, and plots and storytelling is just fine. TV is about cliches, and not every cliche’ is welcome to every person. In choosing the path and stories a TV show chooses it’s audience. 

What one person sees as a great story, the other sees as bad. And vice versa. Each story and storyteller has it’s fans, and non-fans. And each TV show with it’s storytelling ways has it’s audience. A changing audience. People change. Shows change. Not all who started watching when a TV show began, are there til the end… it’s normal. 


* TV series - or a movie, a book, a band, a sports team, a character, an actor/actress, a … [the list is endless]   But this fits tv shows the  most, cause they’re the only fictional stories that change during the storytelling path

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Posted: 8 months ago on 16/1/14 at 4:50pm

This is my THANK YOU to all the wonderful people around here who took time to talk, and admire NCIS & McAbby with me here! 

Posted: 8 months ago on 16/1/14 at 4:46pm
Anonymous said—

Hi! Okay, well, seeing that I won't be able to do this on the actual day, which would be January 17th, I'm gonna say it now. Happy 1 year anniversary sweetie :-)!! Yes exactly, one year ago I posted my first McAsk in your ask box. And ever since then you've been so amazing, sweet and insightful in your replies. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear. I'll love this blog forever and though I'm so sad to say goodbye, I wish you all the best. Wish I could give you a hug. Doreen

Hi Doreen

HAPPY tomorrow tumblr anniversary to you! 

Let’s agree to disagree on my posts, but otherwise I agree - every character, ship, show, object of admiration needs a blog dedicated to them/it, and this blog filled the empty space for McAbby around here a bit. 

Thank you, dear. I enjoyed your messages and thoughts, too [same goes to everyone else here] 

All the best to you & everyone, too! 

ABBY HUG for y’all 



Posted: 8 months ago on 16/1/14 at 12:00am

Tim & his dads 

NCIS 10 x19 vs 11x13 end scenes 

Tim: Walk with me [10x19] 

Tim: Sit with me [11x13] 

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 11:49pm

Ducky GIF set 

NCIS 9x24 

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 11:34pm

NCIS 11x13 McVideo

Scenes with McGee [and others] from NCIS 11x13 Double back 

I chose the most significant McGee, personal, scenes from the episode for this edit

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 11:27pm

McAbby | LOOKS & HUGS edit 

MCIS 11x13 Double back 

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 11:26pm

McGee | LOOKS edit 

MCIS 11x13 Double back 

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 11:21pm

McAbby | McHuggable McHug GIF set 1 

NCIS 11x13 Double back

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 2:26am
Anonymous said—

Am I as a McGee fan going to hate this episode? The writers have really lost my faith when it comes to him. This doesn't turn into a look at how great Ellie is or a Gibbs thing does it?



I cannot say if YOU are gonna like or not like how the episode was written,  and how the characters seem to you in this episode. 

As I personally don’t get the problem with the new character and how she seems to some, I can’t even begin to answer you. 

As a McGee fan you’re probably gonna have mixed feelings. About him. For him. In this episode. I mean.. you’ve seen from previews how these events affect him, so you’re probably gonna “feel his pain and anger and all that”.  And you’re probably gonna feel grateful and happy he is not hurt and is still McHuggable. 

As for the rest  of the  episode/story and how it unfolds, I cannot even guess what each viewers reactions will be. 

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So… now that you’ve seen it, what say YOU? 

I hope you found the GIBBS-TIM scenes really good. I’d say it’s one thing they did good. I like my second ending. I think they did good with that part. Drop us a line, if you want, and let us know if you were ok with how Tim was written in tthe ep? And the team’s behaviour to Tim. 

Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 2:13am
POLL: So… your thoughts on the surprising twist after you thought all’s great?

SPOILERS for 11x13 & rest of S11: Do you think that the twist that this episode had - first it’s revealed all’s great, then it’s revealed all’s not great, will go like this 

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Posted: 8 months ago on 15/1/14 at 1:42am


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